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Re: Re: R2217 bugs


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
>> emmedics4 a écrit :
>>> --- In kicad-devel@ yahoogroups. com 
>>> <mailto:kicad-devel%40yahoogroups.com>, Vesa Solonen <vsolonen@.. .> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> It seems using wxAutoBufferedPaint DC in OnPaint event as a Windows 7
>>>> compositor fix introduces regression on Linux. All gui controls 
>>> flicker on
>>>> zoom and the performance is much worse with or without compositing.
>> I am not sure wxAutoBufferedPaint is the problem under Linux, because 
>> recent GTK libs are double buffered
>> and wxAutoBufferedPaint is defined as wxPaintDC in this case (like 
>> under macOSX).
>> (in fact forcing wxPaintDC instead of wxAutoBufferedPaint does not 
>> change the problem)
>> I believe AUI creates the problem when repositionning scrool bars in 
>> DrawPanel (a wxScrolledWindow).
>> (Redraw commands like F3 key that do not change scrool bars do not 
>> create flicker)
>> Currently i cannot test pcbnew without -DKICAD_AUIMANAGER=ON and 
>> because in this case some tool bars are not displayed under my Ubuntu 
>> 9.10 version since a recent update.
>> This is a very recent problem and i do not know what happens.
> My layer widget work is going to require AUI support, so I wonder if we 
> should simply cross the bridge into wxAUI land now and not look back.
> From my limited understanding of the MAC, it seems these two AUI 
> settings have been needed for a Mac for some time now.

I'm OK with that. It seems stable enough on both GTK and MSW. If it's
required to build on MAC, then it seems like a fairly straight forward
decision. As wxAUI matures we even could start to enable some of the
more esoteric features like dockable windows and movable toolbars. Any
time we can remove code between #ifdef/#else/#endif suits me.


> Dick


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