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Re: Library Repository


phinitnan_c wrote:

I've created a set of library/package/3d and would like to share with the group. How can i do that? I also think that it would be good if there is a center repository for the library and make the lirary easier to share.

(It is a posting like this one that sheds light on how valuable it would be to be using launchpad, which allows anyone associated with the project to start their own repo set of files. But I still fret changing.)

Dear crackerizer@...,

(strange name)

I'm sure you understand that we cannot allow just anyone to slam stuff into the master library repo. Such a thing does exist on SVN, and Vesa has been the maintainer of it. If you want stuff merged, send them to him.

Vesa if you don't want this hat, maybe its time to start recruiting help. We're going to have to have more defined roles to grow this project without chaos. I like that you stepped up and volunteered to wear a specific hat.


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