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Re: Distributed Version Control


> Why not GIT:
> 1) Git *is* bloated,

Somewhat agree :P

> 2) is hard to learn for newbies,

I didn't see any major difficulties (behind the intrinsics of VC)

> 3) is written in linux like C, there is no reason to use C for applications.

I could disagree with just how many issues you want with the 'no reason forC in application' but holy wars are not proficuous :D Anyway since IIRC git is a son-of-Torvalds I'd expect it to be wrote in a linux-like C :P

> 4) doesn't install well and run simply on windows (MSYS or CYGWIN 
> required) I don't we should inflict CYGWIN on anyone.

Can't comment on this issue... OTOH for some reason on my box it didn't build the manpages (probably some missing tool)

> 5) is not common to both sourceforge and launchpad.net (bazaar is)

Can be an important logistic issue, I agree with that.

> 6) does not have a powerful python repo manipulation API, like bazaar's.

Maybe it just has some powerful C repo manipulation API (just joking :D). As an aside: what do you need a repo manipulation API for?

> 7) is not supported by folks with a culture of friendliness like bazaar is.

No idea on that

> 8) has weird revision IDs

git revision ids are actually LESS weirder than CVS ones :D I agree that from an id it's VERY difficult (i.e. impossible without a query) to decide ifit is before or after another one... which probably gave birth to the 'bisect' facility...

> 9) GITs bridging to svn in not unique.

Never investigated on that...

> 10) I don't like GIT, mostly because of 1-8.

Well, I could say that I don't like anything which uses python for the samereason:P:P I don't even have it installed and it react poorly with stow-alike package management. And anyway I'd just prefer staying with svn, but only because I know it better that any other VCS (BTW I've a parallel repo feeding from the main one).

> DVCS *software speed* is not really a concern because the traffic at the 
> REPO site is often the bottleneck in any transaction.

Usually, yes, but that's mostly for non distributed VC. A DVCS only uses the REPO for push and pulls (I'm using git terminology), all the queries run on the local copy. Actually the reason I don't like DVCS is exactly that you need a FULL local copy of the repository (with 20 users and big repositories that's a lot of disk, but that's my environment issue).

> My long term vision for the footprint retrieval interface is best served 
> by folks becoming familiar with bazaar. The python repo manipulation 
> API is something that might come in handy. The footprint retrieval 
> plugins can bring in a bridge into python, which in turn can grab stuff 
> out of a dedicated footprint repo, over the net obviously.

Well, actually even svn has a python interface (slow as hell, I could add..)