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Re: Library Repository


On 20 February 2010 17:20, Vesa Solonen <vsolonen@...> wrote:
> I'm very happy to get a defined role as a project librarian, no doubts
> about it. Something to consider before a real library rework includes at
> least following:
> * Implementing one symbol to multiple component mapping
>        http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/kicad-devel/message/3799
> * Implementing pin and gate swapping
> * Logical to electrical to physical mapping
>        some components don't have logical or electrical polarity,but                  only
> physical (variable capacitor)
> * Everything must be abstracted as much as possible to get flexibilty
> and ease of use and maintenance.
> * Is my style proposal good enough
> -Vesa

I would also like to add, if possible:

* Separation of Value + Component Name so that KiCad can support a
heavy component library

At the moment it is impossible for KiCad to support a heavy component
library. I would be willing to look at + implement the changes
required for this. There are a few messages on this subject already
when the library editor was discussed previously, but there was no
real conclusion, just some resistance to the idea.

I would be willing to look into this again and see what is possible.

Best Regards,