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Re: Re: EESchema freezes a couple minutes after start.


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As the subject, I still don't know what is happening. It freezes even without being used. Can someone confirm that? I'm using kicad R2389.

Just to better focusing the problem:
On which platform that happens ?
With which wx-widgets version ?

Here is my platform:
Build: (20100223 SVN-R2389)-RC4
wxWidgets 2.8.10 Unicode on 32 Bits GNU/Linux (Archlinux)
Does eeschema has log/debug info? I would investigate the problem.

Did you compile it ? if yes with in Debug or Release ?
And how you have started eeschema ? (executing the eeschema binary directly or passing by the project manager (kicad))


Yes, I use arch building system to compile it as Release. I normally start eeschema with kicad. But I'm trying with eeschema start.

Marco, it's been about an hour without problem now. The problem seems to limit with eeschema started by kicad. I'll report again in a few hours.


This is most likely a stray printf() function in the eeschema. Printf()s or any output to stdout, should only be done in the debug builds. Writing to stdout while running under Kicad will lock up the child process when the output pipe gets full. This is a know issue.

So to find the problem, simply go run eeschema from the command line, and look for any output on the console, what you see is your problem. Those printfs() or whatever you see on screen, need to be conditional on the DEBUG #define being in play.


Dear all,

It's been hours without problem now. Dick, there is a string repeatly print out on the console, "** (eeschema:29056): WARNING **: IPP request failed with status 1280", Can this be the source of problem?


Any console output to stdout I KNOW is a problem, with 100% certainty. So if you can redirect it to a file and it goes away, that means it is going to stdout:

$ eeschema > junk.txt

Then if the screen is silent, that text was directed to stdout.

The same problem may exist for stderr, of that I am less certain. It depends on what the wxwidgets library is doing WRT to the capturing of stderr on its children processes. But let's assume it is also not allowed.

So the answer to your question is very probably yes.

So your next thing to do is grep for that string in eeschema source, or a piece of it.