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Re: Graphics Abstraction Layer (was Re: wxDC &


On Wed, 24 Feb 2010, "Torsten Hüter" wrote:

Tried it - but doesn't change anything, I think I need to compile it with Glitz support -
howewer Glitz seems to be *experimental* - the last snapshot is from 20-May-2006 (?). The other
question is, if calling OpenGL over Cairo is not too much overhead. OpenGL itself is already
pretty powerful - most primitives that we need are already included. I'll add an fast arc

Glitz is getting axed and replaced by cairo-gl or someting alike. Did you check the latest cairo git? The Moblin-Maemo merger to Meego might mean some lesser corporate support for cairo and gtk, but thats just my guess.

For OpenGL please check Buffer Objects too, if you can get even more speed by then. Something like OpenGL 1.5 + FBOs would be a sane minimum OpenGL level. These are just my thoughts after researching open source driver support.