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Re: Graphics Abstraction Layer (was Re: wxDC &


Hi Marco,

> I propose to stop talking about this new library and just after the
> release implant a proof of concept directly in gerbview as is the easier
> application.

Well, I'm working already on my proposed concepts - gerbview is of course a good idea as a start. Currently I like to keep it relative independent from KiCad - first all tests have to run well and it has to be reasonable complete before I'd start to integrate anything.
I hope that I'm going in the right direction and we can review it when I'm ready so far.

> - Being the least trafficked application this could leave more time to do
> experiments in a more free way: I (personally) think that and also having
> it broken for some days doesn't make much problems to all us (am I wrong?)

Well, if it's integrated I'd try to keep all the old code and just create a second instance of a drawing context. This would allow me to compare also the output of the old vs. the new implementation.

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