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Graphics Abstraction Layer (was Re: wxDC & wxGraphicsContext Test)


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> Torsten Hüter wrote:
> > Hi Marco,
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> I recommend passing the base GAL class to the various Kicad drawing code 
> instead of wxDC that is used in the current Kicad drawing code. One of 
> the easiest places to start would be the schematic library item drawing 
> code ( eeschema/classes_body_items.cpp[h] ). Then any class derived 
> from the base GAL object could be passed the the Kicad drawing code 
> which would make it easy to change GALs as required.


I apologize for the incorrect information but I just realized this solutionis not going to work. Replacing wxDC in the Kicad drawing code will breakprinting and postscript output. Your GAL object will have to be based on wxDC (similar to how wxGCDC is designed) or you will have to write separatedrawing code for screen output and use the current drawing code for printing and postscript output.


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