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Re: OSX: problem with Sheet after release 2388


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "emmedics4" <marco.serantoni@...> wrote:
> After the change of USE_WX_ZOOM there was a problem on the display of theworksheet.
> Lines where almost invisibile on pcbnew while instead are almost ok on eeschema.
> I suspect that the problem is in the scaling of lines size and the difference of internal size between eeschema and pcbnew and that could be not showed on other platforms that have as granularity the pixel.

SE_WX_ZOOM has nothing to do with this.
Minimum lines width has changed now (old setup was inconsistent between pcbnew and eeschema, and inconsistent between plot/print/draw functions).
It now can be null (= always one pixel line width).
I added a default pen size value (editable in pcbnew, like eeschema) to control the pen size used to plot/print/draw worksheet references (and plot/print pads outlines on silkscreen layers)

Jean-Pierre Charras