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Re: Library Repository



> Yes, it is very slow. There might be DNS problem which i'm figuring out now, sorry for that. 

Now it is not working at all...

I was thinking that once you manage to start it again, it would be good to store all documents we have in one place (standards, symbol gidelines, latest "ideal image" from Vesa etc.) as on the mailing list it is hard to find important things in many irrelevant posts.

I see you started doing it, just keep it up to date.

>meanwhile, i have put symbol_guideline.odt to the source tree. I don't know launchpad's blueprints yet. But I will find out soon.

It is great to see that SG are growing. I hope at the end of redrawing process we would have a nice document.

> In the guideline, I also note the arrow head style and keepout space fromVesa's example. I dont know if they are good, please verify that.

I also don't know ... only Vesa can help you with that