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Re: Re: Library Repository


On Fri, 26 Feb 2010, phinitnan_c wrote:


After drawing some components, I agree with you that the standard need to be a little bit bended. But
it has to be well defined too. Below are my observation:
1. Drawing with your guideline yields good results (see examples).
2. I added arrow head style (taken from your drawing).
3. I also draw sample transistor compare to your drawing.
4. There is no pin name/number defined yet.

what's your opinion?


Still somewhat undecided as Yahoo seems to everything to prevent the access to the data ;)... Were those files sent as a normal attachment or not? It seem Y allows two image attachments, which are browsable by anyone. I must say I'm not too fond ot their targeted ads data mining practices and even then their restponse times for registartion are too long.


Heck Yahoo, then you also pollute our mails with far too heavy html attcahments. I can live with few lines footer just fine, but 20k crap for two liner message...

// End rant


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