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Re: Library Repository [1 Attachment]


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Manveru <manveru@...> wrote:
> It looks awesome! It remembers me schematics drawn in old electronics book
> from '70s and '80s manually chased for publication. Really high quality.
> The only question I have is about filled diode symbol - I was always learnt
> to draw diode unfilled on schematics - is it possible to put alternative
> diode symbol in the library? What puzzels me is that it could be under
> separate name, but I don't like approach to have "diode", "diodea", "diodeb"
> in the library if it is same element drawn as slightly different symbol. As
> far as I remeber KiCad allows only one alternative for symbol (used for
> ANSI/ISO logic gates).
> Any suggestions?

IMHO the soultion may be set of alternative libraries, each have same set of symbols but drawn in different styles, so user may shoose one in preferences (analogy to fonts: same text, look different).
I already use this approach because I have my own style of schematics (inspired by some radioelectronic book from tube age). :-)

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