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EESchema find dialog input.


I have been working on one of my todo list items of replacing the
EESchema find dialog with an improved wxFormBuilder version and ran into
a few issues with the current search behavior. I wanted to get some
input from the group before I continue plowing ahead on my current
trajectory. The current item search in EESchema uses a wild card
pattern search similar to a typical file name search using * and ?. The
problem with this is if you want to search for the components that are
not annotated (D?, C?, etc.), setting the search string to D? does not
yield the result that I think most users would expect. I'm also not
sure that the average user understands * and ? pattern matching. I
would think most users are more familiar with matching the whole word or
any part of a word options that most find dialogs provide. So I am
proposing the following initial changes the EESchema find dialog:

1) Make the dialog modeless and don't dismiss it on every search.
2) Save find dialog position, size, and search settings between sessions.
3) Use whole/part of word and case sensitive/insensitive search options
instead of * and ?
4) Always zoom in and move the cursor to the found schematic item.
5) Add wrapping around past the end of the search list.

I don't know if I will get these initial changes before the next release
but I will keep pushing forward. After the dust settles on the initial
changes, I also have a some enhancements I would like add for future.

1) Reverse item searching ( requires implementing reversible containers
for all of the schematic item lists ).
2) Optional regular expression searching for power users which would be
disabled (hidden) by default.
3) Add replace item text capability to find dialog.
4) Implement similar find/replace capabilities to the other Kicad apps
where it makes sense.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or just can't live without the
current find dialog, please let me know before I get too far along.


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