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Re: Library Repository [1 Attachment]


Mateusz Komorkiewicz kirjoitti:

> Vesa!
> I attached improved version of transformer.
> First is EIC617 version.
> Second is "dream circuit" version.
> Third is the old one (just for comparison).
> If it is ok, choose 1st or 2nd and I will start redrawing all transformers.
> If is is not ok, give me more hints.
> Thanks
> Mateusz

These are all usable, but as discussed elsewhere in the thread I'd like
to shrink the coil a bit. To 60 mil arcs. Please take a look at updated
rcl.lib and SG.txt at http://users.tkk.fi/~vsolonen/kicad/

I'm sorry to be too busy to really comment and guide at the moment, but
in a few days it will get better I hope. Essentially almost all is
already said. Just standard arrowheads/toolheads need to be refined as
soon as possible.


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