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Re: EESchema find dialog input.


Alain Mouette wrote:

Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:
Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

2) Optional regular expression searching for power users which would be
disabled (hidden) by default.
a compile time option? I think any user this powerful is going to use a text editor, and won't need regexs in eeschema.

Not at all.. I would use it a few times, but I don't want to learn the file formats to do that :)

Being a programer does not mean that I want to learn everything about all...

Alain, this is a ridiculous statement. It doesn't even fit the context of the discussion.

My point was that users would not learn regular expressions.

And now you say that someone does not want to learn everything about all....

I think you made my point, but started your retort with "Not at all..."


In my software product, we tried to get users to use regular expressions for search dialogs, and it failed. I call from that experience. Users won't learn regular expressions, programmers already know them.


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