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Re: Re: Library Repository


SuperLou23 wrote:
--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:

phinitnan_c wrote:

Not useless to review directly from the screen. It would be nice to have
library editor extended with PNG export.

Agree, image export function in library editor is nice. Capture, cut, paste a large set of image is a waste of time.

Are there any browsers yet that don't support SVG? Some of the mozilla derived browsers were supporting it for some time now. A PNG always assumes a certain screen resolution, and that assumption is always wrong when it shows up on my monitor when being viewed by my bad eyes.

According to wikipedia, IE8 doesn't support SVG natively as of the last March. There are some plugins that support it for IE (chrome frame and a bunch of others). I don't know if this has changed? Lost Windows in a partitioning accident.

It would be typical to have to augment Windows with real software. So nothing new there.

I was working on a site a while back where users uploaded the Kicad library or symbol files and the website automatically generated SVGs to make it easier for other users to browse. The idea was that users would add each symbol (or group of symbols) they wanted to a "cart" and then the site would build them a custom library file to download with everything they wanted. It was going well (until said partitioning accident, and there hasn't been time since).

Sounds perfect for python, and gosh, looks like it could be done without using swig at all. Could even be done using python 3.x

Get that hard drive fixed. Sounds like you have more free space on it now :) that windows is gone.