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Re: Re: Library Repository


SuperLou23 wrote:
--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:

phinitnan_c wrote:

Not useless to review directly from the screen. It would be nice to have
library editor extended with PNG export.

Agree, image export function in library editor is nice. Capture, cut, paste a large set of image is a waste of time.

Are there any browsers yet that don't support SVG? Some of the mozilla derived browsers were supporting it for some time now. A PNG always assumes a certain screen resolution, and that assumption is always wrong when it shows up on my monitor when being viewed by my bad eyes.

According to wikipedia, IE8 doesn't support SVG natively as of the last March.

Found this:


I learned from reading it that Microsoft has a commitment to open standards.

"As a part of Microsoft’s continued commitment to interoperability and standards support.."

But since this is a continuation ....

A far more effective and believable statement could have been made. Like, "just last week we pulled our head out of our ass.... and realized we have to share the planet with other software developers, some of whom have developed some pretty damn good standards".

They'll probably be calling me Monday, I better shut up. OK, OK, I'm shutting up, won't happen again.

There are some plugins that support it for IE (chrome frame and a bunch of others). I don't know if this has changed?