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Re: Default layer names


Hi Dick,

> In the Specctra DSN spec we have 'front' and 'back'.
> The Front and Back is something I am quite fond of, and argued for it 
> about 8 weeks ago. 
> We have a layer name editing tool, for those that don't like the 
> defaults. Maybe you can ask your question WRT to a German specific 
> translation.
> But all the #defines in the source code and what not have been recently 
> been changed to reflect FRONT and BACK, and this is a good thing IMO.
> So yes, you are too late.

Thanks, I was just wondering where the names come from. I had the perspective of the manufacturer / gerber tools - there the layers called top/bottom. You're right that I can change the layer names always later. 
Perhaps next time I'm faster :)

Thanks ..
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