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Re: Last Release Candidate RC5


Hi Jean-Pierre,

--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "jean-pierre.charras@..." <jean-pierre.charras@...> wrote:
> I uploaded the release candidate 5

When you make a release or a candidate, in the future could you please indicate what revision it is? For RC5 I see in the changelog that it's 2405. But releases are not tagged anymore and not always indicated in the changelogso it's hard to find out what exact revision it is.

I test daily when I see you guys are ready to make a release, but for a final candidate I like testing the exact revision that will go just to be safe.

By the way, if there are any gentoo users here, you can build kicad from SVN by just unmasking the live ebuild like this:

echo sci-electronics/kicad > /etc/portage/package.ummask

Then you can run 'emerge kicad' as usual. In the live ebuild there's a new USE flag called 'dev-doc' which is used to build the doxygen documentation.The other USE flags still work: 'doc', 'debug', 'examples', and 'python' are self-explanatory, 'minimal' is for not downloading and not packaging thedefault libraries (some of our users have requested this although we do not support it).

If you want to build a specific revision you just need to pass it on the command line, for example:

ESVN_REVISION="2405" emerge kicad

If you want to experiment with a cmake flag or override an existing one youcan do so like this:


And you can combine USE flags, revisions and cmake flags on the same command line.

Once kicad is built and if you want to package it you can do:

quickpkg kicad

The tarball will be in /usr/portage/packages/sci-electronics


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