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Re: Kicadocaml beta available / beta testers welcome!


Hi Tim,

Thanks, your editor looks pretty impressive. Especially with antialiasing enabled.

> As the graphical interface is through OpenGL, you'll need a
> hardware-accelerated video card to use it well. That said, it means
> that beautiful full-screen anti-aliasing comes 'for free' - just
> adjust the settings on your video card. It also allows proper
> Z-sorting and alpha-blending, which makes interacting with a
> complicated multi-layer board much easier. It also means that the
> screen refreshes whenever the cursor moves, which permits interactive
> net and module highlighting, and for you to see where a cursor snaps
> to when starting/editing a track.

How are you handling the Z-sorting? I'm currently writing an universal interface for drawing on a Cairo/OpenGL surface. The problem that I have are the line joints when the tracks are transparent. I had the idea to use the stencil buffer or to handle the tracks as a polygon and use a tesselation algorithm - because it works already for you - perhaps you can point me in the right direction.


I know simulated anealing, because I've once written an algorithm for finding graph automorphisms. I've tried there also mean field annealing - this is much faster - perhaps interesting for you as well.

Thanks ..
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