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Re: layer setup


By the way, a coworker (aboard designer) is starting a large board (16 coppers layers expected), using a 1200 pins BGA package.
This will be an interesting test bench for Pcbnew.

For my BGA I defined through hole pads as part of the footprint, next to the ball landings. You have to mess with the through hole pad settings to turn them into "via" functionality. This way the vias can be precisely located in advance and they are part of a predetermined net. Downside is you end up with a few more than you need, but they can be deleted using the footprint instantiation editor.

And of course freeroute to do the routing, manually.

These are 2 things which might provide him a shorter effort.

Sounds like you have been selling the software, hopefully he will not ask for his money back.


When he comes asking for help and enhancements, take footprints as payment. Vesa can be the banker.