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Re: layer setup


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
I now use the original dialog_layers_ setup_base.fbp without problem.
(I am thinking I had a bug when I tested my code)
Just added 2 define to select the way the inner copper layers are displayed, at compilation time. (One relative to the inners layers order, and one to show or hide unused inner copper layers)
There is very few new code (only few lines) in dialog_layers_ setup.cpp

Each option has advantage and drawback, and is mainly a matter of taste.
Try them.

Will do. An agreement is probably near.

The danger in adding and removing layer rows on the fly is that the user
may spend time editing names, if he accidentally changes the layer
count, he (meaning I) do not want to have to re-enter those names once I
increase the layer count back to what they should be.

when using HIDE_INACTIVE_LAYERS option, widgets are just hidden, not removed, therefore widgets data is not lost.

Yep, knew that. (That was the first thing I tested before making that post.) But when I brought up "table driven", I wanted to state a desired program behavior, one that would survive any change in implementation.