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Re: Patch to support FreeRouting for PCBs without through-plating


Håvard Espeland wrote:
On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 06:50:17PM +0100, jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:

What about DRC and connectivity calculations?
What about drill file geneartion?
I believe your patch breaks Pcbnew.

A non plated hole is not easy to handle, from DRC and connectivity point
of view.
This is the reason it is not yet handle by Pcbnew.

I see your point that it may not be the best solution to add a new pad
type without updating DRC. However, from the perspective of hobbyist
like me that etch without throughplate, I must manually check
the connections anyway (soldering on both sides is not always an
option). The patch allows autorouting in such a case, and thereby
making PCB production a lot easier. Maybe a new pad attribute that only
affects routing can be used instead of pad type? What about the no vias
under components feature?


Give us some time. Your patch is not going anywhere. The timing of it is a bit awkward and our hands are full right now doing other things. I personally simply need some time to think about it, and to finish up other things. I mean a month or so.

But I am not out right rejecting it. And I will be thinking about it. Remind me in three weeks or so if you have not heard back.

It seems you are open to alternatives which accomplish the same end and that is good.


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