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Re: CMake and Centos


Cmake is very strange. I had that problem with Ubuntu 8.04 too...

what is strange is that there are no pre-built versions o cmake, you have to remove the old one and compile your own. compiled easely for me...


kajdas escreveu:
I remember I had the same problem when compiling Kicad on Fedora and it would not compile until I downloaded latest Cmake and compiled it.
It was easy to do so I did not bother investigate the reasons behind it.

---- Alain Portal <alain.portal@...> wrote:

I'm trying to package kicad for Centos 5 (EL5).
Unfortunately, kicad need Cmake-2.6.0 and Centos provide only CMake-2.4.8.

Is CMake-2.6.0 really needed?


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