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Re: Kicad libraries for pcbnew


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "viking632" <oyvind.aabling@...> wrote:
> > Blue sky ideas here:
> > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/kicad-devel/message/4421
> > 
> > I'm aiming a bit further than just discrete transistors pin mapping, but I 
> > already know I'm not capable of pulling it myself. Other commitments, 
> > etc... So I can not take enough time to learn everything needed. But I'm 
> > willing to put my effort where my skillset applies better as is.
> > 
> > Some more examples would be freely selected resistors grouping to resistor 
> > array and two terminal unpolarsed components that would convey the pin 
> > freedom to layout side too. Say, single inductor is most of the time 
> > unpolarised, but may have unsymmetrical pinout or pads that will make 
> > better layout if swapping is allowed (currently rigid connections).
> Ah, yes, great ideas.
> I need to use some Vishay Si4850 MOSFETs, which are in a SO8 house.
> It uses four pins for Drain, three for Source and one pin for the Gate.
> Is there a way to map such a thing (one pin == multiple pads), or do I need to define an 8-pin part in eeschema ?

Just forget this - the obvious way is of course to simply rename the pins in pcbnew, now why didn't I think of that ;-?)