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Re: Kicad libraries for pcbnew


I have added some more components and some improvements to my
pcbnew libraries at http://www.uni-c.dtu.dk/~univind/kicad/

I've added:

* Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (SMD), both polarized and unpolarized.
In the lack of a better name, I've named them
AEC-<size>[PU], but I'm open to suggestions :-)

* I've renamed all the Capacitors (except the AEC), so
they're all called C-<something>, making it much easier
to identify Capacitors among all the other components,

* Socketed DIPs: Full socket and double-row Tulip,

* Ceramic Disc and Tantalum Drop Capacitors,

* Fuses: 5x20 incl. clips and 5x20/6x32 combo clips,

* Improved silkscreen on the horiz mount TO-PPs - now, it includes
the vert mount silkscreen, making the mounting orientation clearer.

* Horiz mounted versions of the TO-92 and TO-237,

* The MT-200 power transistor house (e.g. 2SC2922 and 2SA1216),

* More realistic house on the heatsinked BQFP80-M05-HS,

* Improved placement algorithm for the sample boards,
and automatic creation of multiple sample boards if the
components of a library doesn't fit on a single board.
The grid placement within a row still needs a little more work
(to give more uniform spacing), but it's almost there.

Now at 847 parts and 5880 lines of code (incl.
dimension tables), so still about 7 lines/part.


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