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Re: Repository status


Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
I've seen there's a repository published on launchpad... is
the migration done or it is still in progress?

To elaborate a little more, the "testing" branch is equivalent to what we knew from sourceforge SVN (SVN) as source trunk, and we all know that it is for source code only. It is currently being mirrored from SVN source trunk about every 6 hours or so, with something like a cron job. In the future, to be able to commit to "testing" you will need to be a member of launchpad team kicad-testing-committers. The two other SVN trees, doc and library, are also being mirrored from sourceforge currently, and go into the launchpad doc and library Kicad branches, respectively.

However, you can begin to use bzr now to play with it. You can take from our launchpad "testing" and create an entirely separate working directory and local repo if you want, and queue up any changes you have *locally* on a repo which exists on *your* harddrive. This is the beauty of a distributed VCS.

I encourage you to start playing around with bazaar, and work through this tutorial and others:


The above one claims to take only 5 minutes.


Speaking of the larger Kicad project on launchpad now:

Team membership will control write access to various resources, using various teams. There are currently 4 primary public resources associated with the lauchpad Kicad project, 3 branches and one mailing list. The wiki is also a significant KIcad resource, and it will stay where it is, unless Igor wants to move it.

The 4 launchpad resources:

** testing branch, controlled by team kicad-testing-committers. This is for source code only, and any C++ programmer that was previously given write access at sourceforge should be allowed into kicad-testing-committers at the proper time (at time of switchover).

** doc branch, controlled by team kicad-developers. This is as it was at sourceforge SVN. This is for documentation such as tutorials, and we are moving the translation stuff into here also, and removing translation stuff from the source code "testing" branch. There are no barriers to entry into the team kicad-developers. It was felt that some translators are not C++ programmers, and this is the reason for moving the translation stuff from testing to doc. Only folks who are qualified C++ programmers, and willing to conform to established style will be given membership to team kicad-testing-committers, and this excludes many translators, so is the reason for moving the translation stuff from one repo to another.

** library branch, controlled by team kicad-library-committers. This is as it was at sourceforge SVN. Membership into this team is subject to policy established by Vesa, and is currently being administered by Tony on authority of Vesa. It may be that anyone can join without administrator approval, I don't actually know for sure. (This same team has control over a second branch under the Kicad-newlib project.)

** mailing list, controlled by team kicad-developers. Again, there are no barriers to entry to this team, but I believe that subscribing to the mailing list is a secondary and separate process. This was described here:

I note that there were 466 members in group yahoo kicad-devel, and as of this writing only 32 have come over to launchpad. My assumption is that most of those 466 were inactive lurkers, and some of them are now enjoying the new silence more than the old noise. :)

In the near future there will be many more kicad resources at launchpad. Any developer can have his own branch and put that branch under the project umbrella. We will begin to use the "blueprints", "merge requests", "code reviews", and others. This is all going to mean a lot of reading for all of us, but I think it sets the infrastructure in place to scale the project up to higher places than was manageable on sourceforge.


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