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Re: New file formats


bennett78@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
(Wayne knows I was talking about a new footprint format.)

> Check this out:


>It is a good read, and it has some nice references at the bottom.
>Frank Bennett has that sourceforge based edif2kicad translator. Hi Dick: I'm have trouble Navigating around on launchpad, so I will reply via Email. Also I will not be able to contribute much... I, the Linux bigot, am on a 6
month firmware contract with the evil empire, Microsoft.
My investigations lead me to believe that EDIF has been abandoned, used mostly for schematics and symbols and not much for PCB layout or footprints, except for OrCad schematic out, even though the orginal intent was for both. A better candidate for footprints is IPC-7351 Here is a pointer to a viewer and spec:
I though there was a parser out there somewhere...
and here are 3 sample libraries referenced at:
*Version* 	*Contents* 	*Link*


IPC-7351 footprints (Least pad size) IPC7351-Least_v2.zip <http://www.freepcb.com/downloads/IPC7351-Least_v2.zip>


IPC-7351 footprints (Nominal pad size) IPC7351-Nominal_v2.zip <http://www.freepcb.com/downloads/IPC7351-Nominal_v2.zip>


IPC-7351 footprints (Most pad size) IPC7351-Most_v2.zip <http://www.freepcb.com/downloads/IPC7351-Most_v2.zip>

Interesting that 3 different quality footprint choices are provided...
happy coding,

Thanks but I will be investing my time in human readable formats, even if we have to re-invent the wheel. Sure maybe some concepts can be borrowed, but the format fails every test I just listed in my last email, including the ability to be handled with DSNLEXER.

Adopting this exact format, ain't where I will be spending any of my valuable time.

However, as I say, I will read through it looking for concepts.

But what we will end up using will look like the lispy stuff.


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