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Re: New file formats


Thanks but I will be investing my time in human readable formats, even if we have to re-invent the wheel. Sure maybe some concepts can be borrowed, but the format fails every test I just listed in my last email, including the ability to be handled with DSNLEXER.

Adopting this exact format, ain't where I will be spending any of my valuable time.

However, as I say, I will read through it looking for concepts.

But what we will end up using will look like the lispy stuff.


Having said that, I am reminded of my larger plan to support footprint plugins. There is a format that this is actually handed to the kicad program from the plugin, and this is part of the footprint retrieval API. Here I am saying lispy.

But the actual format this retrieved from storage can be anything that a plugin wants, it then has to do an in memory conversion on it before returning it to kicad. So this standard format can certainly be supported with a plugin.