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Re: New file formats


On Thu, 8 Apr 2010, Opendous Support wrote:


 It is better you do not post your private footprint collection if
they cannot be incorporated into KiCAD.  The Non-Commercial clause
will make them useless and just complicate things for someone down the

I published the branch anyway, the non-commercial clause is evident.
Today I'll ask for permission for commercial status (should not be
a problem, I'm just being careful). As a policy I'm being paid to fix
problems with kicad/develop features if it aid the company, so
publishing the libraries *even for commercial work* should not be
a problem.

 If they were created in a work-for-hire situation then you do not
own them and it could create problems for you.

No problem with that. We *explicitly* keep possession of all the work
(projects, prototypes, IP) even for commission work. We aren't *designer
consultants*, we sell the final product. I.E. you want a machine, we
don't design the machine for you, we sell you the final products (and,
if not in the contract clauses, we can sell it to someone else too :D).

 I create all my own footprints anyway so I was really just curious
to see other's procedures.

For pro work you need to make you footprints anyway since there is no
fab facility alike out there. The CSP packages were a PITA to make
anyway and are a good study case.

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl