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Re: Croscompilling for Windows


Everything is fine now. Thanks to Wayne and Jean-Pierre.


Dne 12.4.2010 21:07, Wayne Stambaugh napsal(a):
On 4/12/2010 12:11 PM, jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :

I just confirmed this myself on Windows using MinGW as well.  Are we
now going to support building Kicad on Windows using wxWidgets as a
shared library?  The current build instructions in COMPILING.txt
state that wxWidgets should be built with the --disable-shared flag.
If we now support using wxWidgets as a shared library on Windows,
then COMPILING.txt will need to updated as well.  If this is the
consensus among the group, I will update COMPILING.txt.  I still have
to confirm that this fix doesn't break anything on Linux.

Fixed in Bazaar r2345.  My Karma was zero :(  Maybe this comment will
earn me some Karma ;)  Sorry, I just couldn't resist.  If a bug report
was filed against this, please let me know and I will close it.


I am thinking using static link with wxWidgets is better, at least to
create distributions..
Static link ensure no conflict with an existing wxWidgets library that
could be previously installed. by an other application.
Also avoid problems with libraries not found.

You could change the NSIS script to include the wxWidgets DLLs if Kicad
is built against the shared libraries.  I believe there is also a way to
tell CMake to install the libraries in the default install path as well.
  It may already be configured that way but I'm not sure.  Static linking
is still probably your safest bet.


Perhaps Milan use dynamic link to create its daily builds because
binaries are smaller (4 or 5 times smaller).

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS