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Re: Bug Database is not yet open for business


Karl Schmidt wrote:
Any updates on the Bug database? An ETA?

https://answers.launchpad.net/malone/+question/106874 Says it all. The database *is now usable*, because we have learned that if and when the import of the old bugs is done, the import will *add* old bugs to the new bugs, not overwrite.

I am currently of the (weak) opinion that the cost to benefit ratio of importing the old bugs is now in favor of not importing the old bugs. I have invested a good bit of time in IRC pleading with folks to get it done, fine tuning import export prep utilities, only to continually be met with excuse after excuse. So I have given up.

If somebody else wants to baby sit it, they are welcome. Otherwise if it happens it happens, I don't have any more energy for it.

The old bugs are in <src>/Documentation/kicad_export.xml.bz2 and on my website in a different form waiting for Deryk to do what he has said he would do.


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