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Re: Kicad libraries for pcbnew


On Wed, 21 Apr 2010, Øyvind Aabling wrote:

On Tue, 20 Apr 2010, Vesa Solonen wrote:

On Tue, 20 Apr 2010, Øyvind Aabling wrote:

I have added some more components and some improvements to my
pcbnew libraries at http://www.uni-c.dtu.dk/~univind/kicad/

Yet more components added :-)

* Socketed PLCCs: TH and SMD w/ and w/o alignment posts,
* some missing SOTs, incl. SOT89-3 and -5,
* SODs (WIP, so only SOD123 and SOD123F 4 now),
* AEC (Alu Electrolytic SMD Capacitors) renamed to C-AEC-...,
  so that all Capacitors are called C-<something>.

It was necessary to redo the pins logic when introducing
the SODs, to give a more uniform way of specifying
pin orientation and pad-to-pin offset.

So, if any of you have fetched the libs in the last week
or so, it is a good idea to do it again, as these changes
introduced some minor (temporary) problems with the 3D view
of a few components (pins pointing in strange directions).

Due to my problems with missing 3D views at home (GL S/W renderer
bug), I didn't notice this until I got to work on monday, where
I can browse quickly through the 3D component views in cvpcb.

883 parts, 6290 lines of code.