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Re: eeschema patch to add hotkey shortcut for "add label"


On 07/14/2010 04:00 PM, Matthew Beckler wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> One of the most common things I do with eeschema that doesn't have a
> hotkey is adding a label to a wire. I have prepared a patch to add
> support for a hotkey shortcut for this functionality. I hope that it is
> in the proper patch file format, and that I have not overlooked any
> coding issues or forgotten to update some variable. I based my few
> changes on the instructions in the files' headers and the code for
> similar features. Please feel free to adjust/fix this patch as you see
> fit. I welcome any feedback you all may have.
> Thanks in advance,
> Matthew Beckler
> matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Short and sweet.  If nobody expresses a concern in a day or two, I will
commit it, but I think I'll need the other half of it, you know the part
that defines




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