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eeschema patch to add hotkey shortcut for "add label"


Hello everyone,

One of the most common things I do with eeschema that doesn't have a
hotkey is adding a label to a wire. I have prepared a patch to add
support for a hotkey shortcut for this functionality. I hope that it is
in the proper patch file format, and that I have not overlooked any
coding issues or forgotten to update some variable. I based my few
changes on the instructions in the files' headers and the code for
similar features. Please feel free to adjust/fix this patch as you see
fit. I welcome any feedback you all may have.

Thanks in advance,
Matthew Beckler

--- eeschema/hotkeys.cpp	(revision 2518)
+++ eeschema/hotkeys.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -102,6 +102,7 @@
 // Schematic editor
+static Ki_HotkeyInfo HkAddLabel( wxT( "add Label" ), HK_ADD_LABEL, 'L' );
 static Ki_HotkeyInfo HkBeginWire( wxT( "begin Wire" ), HK_BEGIN_WIRE, 'W' );
 static Ki_HotkeyInfo HkAddComponent( wxT( "Add Component" ),
                                      HK_ADD_NEW_COMPONENT, 'A' );
@@ -188,6 +189,7 @@
+    &HkAddLabel,
@@ -383,6 +385,13 @@
+    case HK_ADD_LABEL:
+        // switch to m_ID_current_state = ID_LABEL_BUTT;
+        if( m_ID_current_state != ID_LABEL_BUTT )
+            SetToolID( ID_LABEL_BUTT, wxCURSOR_PENCIL, _( "Add Label" ) );
+        OnLeftClick( DC, MousePos );
+        break;
     case HK_BEGIN_WIRE:
         /* An item is selected. If edited and not a wire, a new command is not
--- eeschema/hotkeys.h	(revision 2518)
+++ eeschema/hotkeys.h	(working copy)
@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@
 // List of hotkey descriptors for eeschema

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