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Re: feedback on launchpad


On 07/21/2010 04:31 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
Are people happy with launchpad?

10 = extremely happy
1 = extremely dissatisfied

Thanks to those that responded. I am pleased that everyone is mostly pleased. This gives me political cover to now offer my own opinion.

Here are my ratings:

Bugtracker:  3

Patch handling:  1

Wiki or generic webpage infrastructure: 1

Bzr: 8  (I like "bzr qlog")

Maillist: 7

Launchpad.net overall: 3

The world of open source hosting has a long way to go in my opinion.

My biggest surprise, unexpected disappointment and complaint with launchpad is the patch handling. This is compounded by the fact that it was a (almost the) primary motivator for the move TO launchpad, IMO.

Let me summarize my frustration and ask for some help on a path forward:

There are two pathways into the "Active Reviews" (https://code.launchpad.net/kicad/+activereviews) list, which is the so called patch handler:

1) Push a modified branch to launchpad, "Propose" a merge request at the launchpad.net website,

2) Locally, $ bzr send, and send the "merge bundle" as an attachment to a signed email.

The problem with 1) is that it requires too much learning for a "drive by patch submitter" person. The learning investment is too high for somebody that would submit about 5 patches per year or less. We will still end up with patches on the mailing list.

The problem with 2) is that the email parser at launchpad.net will not handle any variations other than some undocumented concoction of signed main mail body but with an unsigned bundle attachment. I am unable to get this to work after 3 days trying. Help on irc #launchpad usually comes back saying "it works in the general case", wait for so and so to help you. So and so comes later and says the same thing. I have worn out my political capital there. They know I am extremely unhappy and have told me they don't care if I were to simply go away, along with the whole Kicad project.

So, what is a merge bundle? A merge bundle is basically a patch generated by BZR, with special meta data at the end which holds the name of the destination branch, submitter, author, etc.

And why is using a signed email the only way to submit a merge bundle? Who the hell knows.

I ask you to help me get the launchpad developers to accept a merge bundle through a web form.

There is no reason that if a merge bundle is good enough input in general, that a merge bundle coming in through another secure pathway is not also acceptable.

I am asking for help in getting some action going on it by the developers through https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad

I have spent about as much time on it as any 5 reasonable people would have by now.

If the patch handling were usable, then my launchpad.net score would go to a 6 overall.



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