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Testing boost::polygon in pcbnew.


My last commit includes a new boost library:  boost::polygon
google "boost polygon",
I believe this is a *very* interesting library, and this is exactly what is needed for kicad.
So I wrote "zones_convert_brd_items_to_polygons_with_Boost.cpp" to test it (It was a lot of work)
I need volunteers to test zone filling algorithm using boost::polygon,
verify if issues are found, and send me results of tests.
Mainly errors when creating solid areas.
FYI, I know 2 boards with errors using Kbool (but Kbool is still the best polygon library for Kicad).
(calculation time, due to less redundancy due to code refactory is 50% the time needed with Kbool library)
Note in fact 80% calculation time is thermal shape tweaking by removing unconnected stubs.
(I am not sure it is very useful)

To compile with boost::polygon, run cmake with option -DUSE_BOOST_POLYGON_LIBRARY=ON
(see changelog).

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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