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Re: BOM support


On Thu, 29 Jul 2010, Brian Sidebotham wrote:

scripting. I like python so much it tends to pain me to write some
code in other languages when I know how easy it would be to do in

I'd say the same for a lot of languages which are not python :P:P (I'm
actually more proficient in 3 different assemblers than it python)

If the only BOM output is an S-expression (or XML, or etc.) file, and
anything else would be generated via an interpreted script I would
regard an interpreter as a requirement of Kicad, and not just a "nice
to have". As a minimum, any Kicad install should be able to produce a
human readable BOM output, which could be as simple as the standard
.lst text file without relying on an external interpreter being

100% agree, in fact it's what I said in my first answer. Just keep the
'simple BOM' and export the whole database as SEXP/XML/whatever.

XML has the added bonus of being trendy and more common to import (but
still I don't like it)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl