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BOM support


  Good to see this effort.

Back in 2008-03-26 I left a xml4pcb project @ sourceforge to do an import xml
from PCB123 to KiCad-pcbnew. I had used PCB123 for some prototype dev board
expansions (before I used KiCad) and wanted to learn xml a bit. PCB123 does not support Gerber out but I noticed a XML template output function. Anyway I was pretty happy with the results using expat as the parser and pcb123kicad does a
pretty good conversion. Also a pretty print XML can be found  there. I was
thinking about checking out where you guys are this weekend and starting an
xml2ver, a verilog netlister, for those that want to do FPGA design captured via
EEschema and I'm always looking for a better BOM creation.

I suggest it's a good time to start a KiCad/contrib directory as a home for converters.
-Frank Bennett <http://mathegraphics.com/>

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