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Re: CPack integration for crossplatform creation of binary and source archives -- patch


> I have zero experience with Python programming, and I have time to learn
> it. 

Take that as a NO?

> Maybe somebody else with experience can have a look at it. And why are those
> things not handled with CMake itself in form of Variables?

Because nobody, including you nor me nor anyone else wondering the same
thing, has submitted a patch to the CMake development team.

Like was discussed even in their own mailing list, it should be a
function call, not "variables".

After the patch is submitted, we can wait 6 months and finally begin to
use it.  I have been wishing for this for 3 years, including from within
another project that uses CMake.  In general, they should have no
hesitation in embracing these kind of enhancements, since this *kind* of
functionality in general, is why folks use CMake anyway.  Any thing that
keeps a windows user from having to install Cygwin, just to run a shell
script, is golden.