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Re: About scripts and central program



On Fri, 06 Aug 2010, Vesa Solonen wrote:
> I'm waiting eagerly to test your improvements on PCBnew, also the EM 
> fied modeling is very interesting. Do you know Qucs? Qucs project may be 
> of value for sharing the implementation and ideas. IIRC Qucs-KiCad 
> cooperation was discussed on the list a while ago.

The modelling uses the approximate equations that everone says
don't rely on.  I just wanted to have the program perform the
approximate calculations (differential impedance, delay, bussing
NEXT and FEXT, etc.) to make it so that one does not have to
bounce back and forth from a FEM modeller.  I have tried to
capture sufficient information that one could write an export
to qucs or some of the freely available FEM tools that can do
2.5 or even 3D EM.  I'm pushing 2.5Gbps in my current board
design and would like to bounce up to 10Gbps and 40Gpbs in my
next two.

I'm trying to get power consuption and distribution as well as
some thermal modelling in as well.

Unfortunately most of this is not best handled from PCBNEW alone
but I'm having a time biting PCBNEW off without tackling EESCHEMA.
It would be good it the component library in EESCHEMA could assign
maximum current sink into a power pin.  Assigning junction
conductivity to footprints with, say, cvpcb would be nice too.
Otherwise all of this stuff needs to be plugged into PCBNEW
separately (as with netclasses).


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