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Re: One liner for VRML export


Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :
A little syntax error in the inline element generation (blender doesn't even
try to load the file).

Also I have the following assert, but the fix probably must be done in wxformbuilder (which I don't have):

[Debug] 18:55:39: ./src/common/filepickercmn.cpp(77): assert "!(HasFlag(wxFLP_SAVE) && HasFlag(wxFLP_OPEN))" failed in CreateBase(): can't specify both wxFLP_SAVE and wxFLP_OPEN at once

In fact the 'choose master vrml file' only accepts an already existing file...

=== modified file 'pcbnew/export_vrml.cpp'
--- pcbnew/export_vrml.cpp      2010-04-19 11:38:57 +0000
+++ pcbnew/export_vrml.cpp      2010-08-18 10:19:27 +0000
@@ -1085,7 +1085,7 @@
                  -vrmlm->m_MatPosition.y - aModule->m_Pos.y,
                  vrmlm->m_MatPosition.z + layer_z[aModule->GetLayer()] );
         fprintf( aOutputFile,
- " children [\n Inline {\n url [ \"%s\" ]\n } ]\n",
+                "  children [\n    Inline {\n      url \"%s\"\n    } ]\n",
                 CONV_TO_UTF8( fname ) );
         fprintf( aOutputFile, "  }\n" );

I think I fixed the wxformbuilder issue.
I committed the export_vrml.cpp patch.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS