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Re: BOM support


On 08/18/2010 05:11 PM, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> Is there enough of the BOM there to build and test - will it export xml?
> Anything else major broken?
> Or should I arrange my BOM by hand for now?


There will be about 6 or more BOM solutions I hope.   And I hope you,
among others, can develop your own and share it with others such that it
can be customized and improved.

I especially like the idea you had for integration with gnumeric, which
I use also.

Generally the description of the gateway to push out the XML and invoke
an external script is here:


The BOM icon in eeschema is a relic, you go through the netlist export icon.

Brian S. is working on a python solution, for which I am excited to
start playing with.

Attached is a rudimentary XSL that is about 15% of what it should or
could be.  So that leaves us at

-----------------       =   2.5 % done
6 solutions total

Please feed back what you come up with on the gnumeric.  You could learn
XSL and be a hero, or python, or SQL, or whatever.


Attachment: bom.xsl
Description: XML document

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