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Re: Tutorial about IPC-7531A


On Wed, 1 Sep 2010, Alex G wrote:

I like the idea of applying this idea to PCB design. :)

It all goes down to quality assurance (which is statistics at
90%!). Nobody forbid to have a test point of 0,5mm, but there's a graph
static that in a run there is a 50% probability that it would be missed
by a flying probe (yes, there are such graphs in the standard). That's
why test point are usually 1mm round :D

Anyway, the bits relevant for kicad are the footprints, and a footprint
calculator. That will allow kicad to penetrate deeper (no pun intended)
into the professional market.

Exactly, the other 80 pages are absolutely not relevant to this (did you
know that a chip resistor must survive dipped in molten solder for at
least 3 seconds ?:D)

By the way, you should probably license your quick intro under the GFDL
before we do that.

Good idea, done that. No need to redownload for now, just added the magic
paragraph at the beginning and an \include{fdl-1.3} at the end. It
doubled the page count, tough.

Or whether they charge their membership in money or one of the last
items I mentioned earlier.

I have to admit that their price model is really absurd... not only it's
$117 for a single user not-printable pdf (say that to an hacked copy of
xpdf) but you have to shell out $3290 for a 'site' licence (i.e.
*exactly* the same thing, but you can put it on a shared drive:P). Well,
not exactly, on the $117 version there is written 'not for print or
network use' on the top of each page...

As a pro user I can afford a $117 licence (but not every time they
change something!) but for a small business like ours anything more is
really too much (then there is people like you which want to do
no-profit work...)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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