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Re: Tutorial about IPC-7531A


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On 09/01/2010 06:19 PM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Sep 2010, Alex G wrote:
>> I like the idea of applying this idea to PCB design. :)
> It all goes down to quality assurance (which is statistics at
> 90%!). Nobody forbid to have a test point of 0,5mm, but there's a graph
> static that in a run there is a 50% probability that it would be missed
> by a flying probe (yes, there are such graphs in the standard). That's
> why test point are usually 1mm round :D
If the probe is flying because I threw it, it will most likely miss even
a 10mm test point.

>> Anyway, the bits relevant for kicad are the footprints, and a footprint
>> calculator. That will allow kicad to penetrate deeper (no pun intended)
>> into the professional market.
> Exactly, the other 80 pages are absolutely not relevant to this (did you
> know that a chip resistor must survive dipped in molten solder for at
> least 3 seconds ?:D)
No. From the datasheets, I thought it was 10 seconds. Actually _every_
datasheet I have ever read states 10 seconds @260C .

>> By the way, you should probably license your quick intro under the GFDL
>> before we do that.
> Good idea, done that. No need to redownload for now, just added the magic
> paragraph at the beginning and an \include{fdl-1.3} at the end. It
> doubled the page count, tough.
You're writing LaTeX code BY HAND!!???? This is amazing.
I could not see myself using anything other than Lyx for the job, so +2
for you.

>> Or whether they charge their membership in money or one of the last
>> items I mentioned earlier.
> I have to admit that their price model is really absurd... not only it's
> $117 for a single user not-printable pdf (say that to an hacked copy of
> xpdf) but you have to shell out $3290 for a 'site' licence (i.e.
> *exactly* the same thing, but you can put it on a shared drive:P). Well,
> not exactly, on the $117 version there is written 'not for print or
> network use' on the top of each page...
Did you have to sign off your unborn baby for it as well?

> As a pro user I can afford a $117 licence (but not every time they
> change something!) but for a small business like ours anything more is
> really too much (then there is people like you which want to do
> no-profit work...)
And people like you, which help share the knowledge (and in a legal
way). It's actually interesting how I, as a hobbyist (for now) take
advantage of your contributions, and you might one day profit from the
contributions that I am to (hopefully) make. Everybody's happy.

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