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OSX: Where to store the libraries and modules


I managed to create the DMG-files for kicad on OSX. Next I wanted to add the libraries, but where should they be stored?


the right place?

The script to build the DMG files creates a name based on the current bzr revision id. Probably need to add a flag for release-builds, but that should be easy. It also automatically add the COPYRIGHT.txt notice, which pops-up when the DMG gets mounted.

I was thinking of using the same drag&drop principle, so you would get something like

Kicad  -> /Applications

Inside this DMG I would add a Library DMG, which does more or less the same thing

Libs&Mods -> /Users/Share/

If it gets decided to use CPack, then I will just think of this as nice exercise. I just think/feel that these scripts are more flexible.

Comments are welcome.


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