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This is really a distributed project


It probably comes from the history of the project, but do we really need so many places for Kicad?

- Website at the LIS group (actually 2 addresses)
- Website at Sourceforge
- Wiki at sourceforge
- SVN at sourceforge (but not updated)
- BZR at launchpad
- mailing-list at launchpad

I know I just arrived here, but this is exactly why I am getting confused. There are so many different places.
If SVN at sf is no longer used, perhaps someone can remove all files and update trunk with a readme that tells you its moves to launchpad (I was already bitten by this once).

Are you aware that sourceforge let you do SVN, BZR, GIT (and probably others) ? 

Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to which functionality is hosted where. I will then try to suggest some updates for the sites, so it becomes easier to join the effort :-)


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