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OSX Installer debate


How do we want the OSX packages to look like (installer) ?
At the moment we have a DMG-generated from scripts and one generated with CPack (I patched my CMakeList.txt with the patch from Jerry floating around on the list).

Neither are satisfactory, in my opinion.

Let me explain:
If we add docs and libraries to the DMG file, then it is no longer Drag&Drop. 
Normally you drag the application (on our case the Kicad folder with all applications) to the Applications link, which are both shown by the installer in the finder. However, if we also include libraries in the DMG, then these need to be installed in /Library/Application Support/kicad or in $HOME/Library/Application Support/kicad (according to Marco). We don't want the user to drag them into the applications.

I see 2 posible solutions:
1. Use packagemanager, which allows more complex installs. Disadvantage is that you have no clue what is installed where and since there is no uninstall I think it's rather messy.
2. Split the libraries and applications in separate DMGs. I personally like this option, since it allows you to easily update either Kicad or the Libraries. Not sure what to do with docs. Can we put them in a sub-folder in the Kicad folder under applications? Same with scripts ?

I would love to hear your opinions on this. 


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