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Re: OSX Installer debate


> Perhaps you are not familiar with the OSX installation process. It is extremely simple. You drag the application into the Applications folder and you are done. Uninstalling is simply done by deleting the application. OSX does not have the wonderful install/uninstall/upgrade/solve dependencies of Debian (I am huge fan of Debian and it is my only OS next to OSX). 

> The debian (Ubuntu) approach seems to be:
> kicad - the programs
> kicad-common - the libraries
> kicad-doc-XX - the docs for each language
> I will try to follow that. 
> /Martijn

I don't know that Richard's scripts were ever updated to reflect these

1) switch to launchpad.net
2) moving of the internationalized text from the source repo into the
doc repo.

If you are really feeling good about understanding his scripts after
studying them.  I'd bet Richard would be happy to turn them over to you
and you could maybe become the debian package manager if you wanted it. 
I have the feeling that some of these distro specific packages are
falling behind.

I have also been unable to kill off the subversion repo at sourceforge,
so folks still occassionally download from there and get off into the
weeds, and I think some of the distro specific packages have been bitten
by this.  Sourceforge.net is looking like they intentionally do not want
us to be able to remove that code.  So I have given up, because time is

What I have tried is:

1) to submit a patch that effectively deletes the whole source tree.  I
no longer have write permission, funny that.

2) turn off subversion using the admin privileges at sourceforge.  (In
this state, you can still use a svn client to do a checkout.)

Currently the subversion is turned back on, and I have not gone back and
tried 1) recently.

So they are like a junk yard dog right now.


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