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Re: exploiting human readability


> How?
> ----
> I can have this coded by Tuesday, given enough incentive.  (I'm just not
> going to say which Tuesday.)


In an effort to be humorous it occurs to me that this last statement
could be interpreted as an intervention into an area that you have
clearly invested a great deal into.  I should have said "we" can code it
and it would have been equally funny or non-funny.

I was just trying to be silly, and beyond throwing this at the wall I
really have no desire to intrude on anything you already have going. 
Many of these concepts are just as pertinent to footprints, and this is
something I have been thinking about for quite some time.

I am not, nor will I intrude in on your efforts.  Your friendship is
worth more to me than Kicad is.



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